2024 6th International Conference on Civil Architecture and Urban Engineering (ICCAUE 2024)
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Speakers of ICCAUE 2024


Prof. Yuefang Rong

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, China

Prof. Yuefang Rong graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2007 with a PhD degree in Urban Planning, School of Architecture and Urban Planning. She is currently a professor and head of the Department of Urban and Rural Planning in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Beijing Architecture University.

Her main research areas are urban and regional development strategy, small and medium-sized city planning and design, urban and rural planning and design evaluation. She mainly teaches courses including Principles of Urban and Rural Planning, Business Fundamentals for Planners, Urban and Rural Planning and Design (III) (Urban Master Planning and Detailed Control Planning), Graduation Design and other core courses of the planning program. She is the author of monographs “Research on Harbin Winter Olympics Construction Planning Countermeasures Based on Catalyst Theory”, “Research on Local Sustainable Tourism Planning”, “Witness Planning”; and published textbook “Urban Sociology”. She has published more than 30 papers in professional journals, including one in Urban Planning, two in Journal of Urban Planning and two in Planner. She has won more than 15 design awards at the provincial level and above since she started her career, including the Third Prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award in 2006. She has won more than 20 awards in the selection of students' work organized by the Specialized Instruction Committee.

Prof. Xiyin Zhang

Lanzhou Jiaotong University, China

Xiyin Zhang, professor and doctoral supervisor, graduated from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Northwest Institute of Ecological and Environmental Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences) with a PhD degree in 2017, and joined Lanzhou Jiaotong University in the same year, and is now the vice dean of the School of Civil Engineering. His research fields and directions involve bridge engineering, permafrost engineering, intelligent operation and maintenance of infrastructure and disaster prevention. He mainly focuses on the research of engineering disaster prevention and mitigation under special complex environmental conditions (cold zone), including seismic resistance of bridges in permafrost zone, interaction between permafrost and structures, and freeze-thaw disaster of foundation, etc. He has been selected as one of the young talents of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology. He has been selected as one of the young talents of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), Gansu Province Flying Scholars Special Recruitment Program - Young Scholars, Longyuan Young Talents, Lanzhou Jiaotong University "Tianyou Young Talents" Program, and has received support from the Longyuan Young Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents (Team), Gansu Province Outstanding Youth Fund Program, and has been awarded the Gansu Province Outstanding Youth Fund. Outstanding Youth Fund project support, and won the Gansu Youth May Fourth Medal and other honors; as the director of the Sino-European Association for Technical Exchange and Cooperation in Construction, China Civil Engineering Society of Geotechnical and Geotechnical Engineering Branch of the Youth Working Committee, China Rock Mechanics and Engineering Society of the Polar Geotechnical Mechanics and Engineering Committee, China Society of Cryosphere Science, China Youth Working Committee, the Gansu Provincial Civil Engineering and Architectural Society of international academic exchanges, international bridges and bridges, and the International Association for the Development and Reform of Civil Engineering and Engineering. Member of International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE), International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSGE), International Federation of Structural Concrete (fib/CEB-FIP), Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering (CSRME), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Engineering, ASCE", "Sustainable Structures", "Journal of East China Jiaotong University", "Journal of Chang'an University (Natural Science Edition)" and other journals of the youth editorial board, "Lanzhou Jiaotong University" editorial board, "Sustainability" journal guest editor; for the Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Expert Pool, Gansu Province, Gansu Province, highway career He is a member of Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Expert Pool, Gansu Provincial Highway Development Center Highway Maintenance Engineering Expert Pool, and a member of Bridge Engineering Sub-committee of Higher Schools Transportation and Engineering Textbook Construction Committee. He has presided over more than 10 scientific research projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, published more than 80 papers, including more than 40 papers by the first and corresponding authors, authorized more than 20 patents, edited 2 monographs/graduate textbooks, and won the first prize and the second prize of Science and Technology Progress in Gansu Province.