2021 3rd International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Urban Engineering (ICCAUE 2021)
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Prof. Qing Wang

Shandong University of Science and Technology, China

Research Area: Structural health monitoring and early warning, Functional materials and smart structures, Structural performance in marine environment.

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Introduction:Prof. Qing Wang received his doctoral degree from the Tongji University for a work on interface strength of fiber reinforced composites in 1996. He became in 1998 a full Professor at the Shandong University of Technology, China. In 2000, he joined National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan. In 2014 he moved to Shandong University of Science and Technology, China, as Taishan Distiguished Professor. In 2017 he served as the Dean of the department of Materials Sci Eng. Now he works there as the Director of Institute of Nanoengineering. Prof. Qing Wang' main area of research is fabrication of advanced functional materials and its application in civil engineering. This involves the development of new methods for structural monitoring and maintenance.

Speech Title: Study of superhydrophobic micro/nano functional materials in civil engineering


Abstract: With the implementation of the marine potestatem strategy, a large number of marine projects have emerged, and the implementation of the projects cannot be separated from the use of a large amount of concrete. However, due to the hydrophilicity of concrete, it is easy to be penetrated by seawater when it is in marine environment, which may deteriorate its performance, reduce its durability and even cause serious accidents. In addition, the corrosive ions in seawater may penetrate into concrete along with seawater, resulting in the damage of concrete structures and the corrosion of the internal steel reinforcement. Therefore, giving concrete with superhydrophobicity can reduce the penetration of seawater into the concrete, improve the corrosion resistance of concrete, and reduce the occurrence of marine corrosion. It is of great significance for ensuring the safety and reliability of marine engineering, reducing the occurrence of major disasters, prolonging the service life of marine buildings and structures, and accelerating economic development and environmental protection. In this talk, the superhydrophobicity with micro/nano structures was studied. The effects of experimental parameters and external loading, including stretching, cyclic bending and impact, on the superhydrophobicity with micro/nano structures were explored. The anti-corrosion and waterproof properties of superhydrophobicity with micro/nano structures were investigated. The applications of superhydrophobicity with micro/nano structures in self-cleaning, waterproof and anticorrosion of concrete were explored.


Prof. Xiuxin Wang

Southeast university, China

Research Area:  Structural Disaster Design/Structure Inspection/Bridge Design/Seismic Isolation/Sustainable Building Development

Introduction:As a doctor of engineering, He is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor in the Department of Architectural Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Southeast University, and a part-time vice president of Graduate School of Southeast University.

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Speech Title: Assembly construction , connection structures and load design of large linked  floating buildings


Prof. Jun Yang

Northeastern University, China

Research Area:  Urban climate and human settlements, land use change and urban management, smart cities

Introduction:As Doctor of Science,he is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Jangho Architecture School of Northeastern University.

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Speech Title: Investigating the diversity of land surface temperature characteristics in different scale cities based on local climate zones


Visiting professor Olivier Greder

China Academy of Art, China

Research Area:  Urbanity and sustainability

Introduction:He is founder and director of g.studio 2001-2015 French architecture and urban design company based in Strasbourg. Since 2016 Invited professor at School of Architecture China Academy of Art in graduation design studio.

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Speech Title: Repairing the City and Protecting Countryside